We Sell And Ship Ural Trucks WorldWide

Nowadays the production range of the “URAL” Automobile Works is represented by off road trucks 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 having a carrying capacity from 4.5 up to 15 tons.
The family of URAL trucks comprises tens of models with versions differing in wheel base, truck frame length for equipment mounting, location of spare wheel holder, power take off etc.

The trucks of URAL family are powered with various types of diesel engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Engine Works including YAMZ 236 HE2 turbocharged engine rated 230 hp complying with EURO 2 requirements. The distinctive feature of URAL trucks is their great cross country capability. Cross country capability is provided by an optimum truck design most tailored to operation under heavy road conditions. Application of single tire configuration as well as centralized tire pressure control system, enhanced ground grip tires, rear axle walking beam suspension, truck frame made of special steel, optimum choice of final drive ratios, big ground clearance (400 mm) are the basic components of unique cross country capability and reliability of URAL trucks ena bling them to haul cargoes and tow trailers on all kinds of roads and terrain.

URAL trucks are capable to overcome:
— snow virgin up to 1m;
— ditch 0.6—1.2 m wide;
— upright wall up to 0.55 m high;
— slope up to 200.

The sealing system of truck units makes possible over coming of water barriers with a depth up to 1.7 m. The centralized tire pressure control system controllable from the driver’s seat provides for control and changing tire pressure when overcoming terrain sections with low carrying capacity as well as travelling possibility with tires having small damages. The operation range of URAL trucks is rather wide. The trucks are able to operate at a height up to 4,500m above sea level, at ambient temperatures from 50 up to + 50 0C, and are designed for outdoor storage.
Any unit of the truck is reliable in operation, accessible for inspection and maintaining. The truck is completed with a driver’s tool kit for performing running repair without invoking workshop equipment. Great cross country capability, high carrying capacity, reliability in operation, simple maintenance made the URAL truck an indispensable vehicle for various industry branches. Wagons, cranes, tanks, refuellers, fire fighting equipment, workshops, various special equipment for timber industry and oil and gas complex, for mining industry and public utilities are mounted on URAL chassis.

The Quality Management System covering the development, manufacture and maintenance of the URAL trucks has been introduced and is functioning successfully at the “URAL” Automobile Works. The compliance of the Quality System with ISO 9001 94 requirements has been certified by TUV CERT, Germany, by the Russian GOSTANDARD and Military Register. Nowadays the development strategy of the “Ural” Automobile Works is orientated to improve trucks’ model range and enhance quality of the vehicles manufactured, to develop a new family of URAL trucks meeting the current demands of customers, to boost dealer’s and service net throughout Russia and abroad, to maintain constant contacts with the customers. Production and financial success, experienced and highskilled specialists enable the “URAL” Automobile Works to retain its leading position in the market of heavy off road vehicles.